Altamira Community Diagnosis


The main objective of technical assistance in Dominican Republic was to improve the organization, participation and dialogue of community associations. This work developed for FIAES Foundation had as expected outcome was to have strengthened grassroots organizations through participatory workshops with a special focus on women's participation.

Location: Altamira, Dominican Republic.
Partner: FIAES Foundation.
Principal Researcher: Dra. Patricia Almaguer Kalixto

The research included:

A.1. Diagnosis of active community organizations, analyzing the situation of local management processes; meeting with local leaders and authorities to discuss the community development of Altamira Municipality

A.2. Desing of materials for training workshops on the topics of: Community organization, citizen participation and decision making, democracy advocacy and local management.

A.3. Facilitate working sessions and participatory diagnosis with organizations and the local project team to identify community needs and propose possible solutions tools.