The Interdisciplinary Institute on Human Ecology and Sustainability (INTERHES)  contributes to the strengthening of sustainable human communities through interdisciplinary systemic research. It helps to improve the socio-environmental impact of social and technological innovation projects.

Research lines

  1. Human ecology and environmental knowledge
  2. Sustainable communities
  3. Public policy for sustainable human development
  4. Interdisciplinary Methodology development
  5. Citizen science labs & action research

News & study cases 

The main objective of technical assistance in Dominican Republic was to improve the organization, participation and dialogue of community associations. This work developed for FIAES Foundation had as expected outcome was to have strengthened grassroots organizations through participatory workshops with a special focus on women's participation.

The impact evaluation of the project Musethica was made by INTERHES in March‐ November 2016 at the request of the Executive management of Musethica Spain. This report uses a systemic methodology to support the identification of the Musethica´s social impact. The report shows empirical elements derived from indicators that where designed to analyze...

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Interdisciplinary Institute on Human Ecology and Sustainability